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Here again!  I just would like to share some of the scholarship 
opportunities for you.

Well, many people will think that there would be needed  a lot of money to study abroad. Yes, you will need a lot of money but there are still a lot of opportunities for you to study abroad without paying anything except your air fare. I have been telling this to some of our lisu people through google talk. But still no one is ready for that since they don’t have Toefl or IELTS. Therefore, if you are really willing to do then there is always a way for you. Just imagine Toefl or IElTS are not difficult if you really do. As a matter of fact, it will take you to your first step of your success. There is a very less chance to get scholarships abroad without one of those tests. Therefore, I would like to strongly encourage you to at least take one of those tests. If you need any further assistance, you may feel free to come on gtalk or contact me I will be very glad to help you. These are the links you can pursue the scholarships opportunities abroad. Find out here some hot tips for your future! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Let's work together !

Scholarship Links
International Peace Studies at Dual Campaus, Manila University (Phillipine) and University for Peace (Costa Rica).

East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship Program, USA

Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS), PhD, Singapore

Scholarships jointly offer by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan Scholarship Program, M.A and Ph.D

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), M.A and PhD, Thailand

Asian Scholarship Foundation, Thailand base.

Atlantic International University, Distance Learning Degree Program

The Burma Project, established by the Open Society Institute in 1994, is dedicated to increasing international awareness of conditions in Burma and to helping the country make the transition from a closed to an open society. Education and training intiatives for Burmese from a wide variety of backgrounds who will play a role in a democratic Burma.

This is where you can find information on various kinds of DAAD funding for foreign students, graduates and postdocs as well as on funding offered by other selected organisations.

The East-West Center offers a wide variety of both short- and long-term programs for individuals. Academic scholarships and fellowships as well as educational exchange and professional development programs are available.

Online and distance learning.

The Asia Research Institute (ARI) was established as a university-level institute in July 2001 as one of the strategic initiatives of the National University of Singapore (NUS). Its mission is to provide a world-class focus and resource for research on the Asian region, located at one of its communication hubs. ARI engages the social sciences broadly defined, and especially interdisciplinary frontiers between and beyond disciplines.

he Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) provides opportunities for advanced study to exceptional individuals who will use this education to become leaders in their respective fields, furthering development in their own countries and greater economic and social justice worldwide. To ensure that Fellows are drawn from diverse backgrounds, IFP actively seeks candidates from social groups and communities that lack systematic access to higher education.

The Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

Institue of South Asian Studies, NUS.

International Directory of Southeast Asia Studies Programs & Institues

The University of Otago.

College Scholarship, Study Abroad Financial Aid, Scholarship Search Center

For the international students studying in Japan and those who wish to come to Japan for study.

The Management Institute of Canada is a postgraduate institute offering Onsite and Online programs in the areas of Business and public administration.

The SCP provides technical assistance to developing countries around the world. The website has been designed to provide information on the SCP and how to participate in the courses.

Scholarships are part of Curtin's commitment to rewarding academic excellence and enabling students from all backgrounds to realise their potential, to graduate with high practical employability skills and to achieve their ambitions.

Postgraduate students at Leeds benefit from around £10 million of funding being available from the University and externally. Scholarships are available to International, UK and EU students.

Scholarships are opened to all nationalities to come to Singapore and exchange and cross fertilise ideas, and jointly create opportunites for the development of new innovations.

3. Taiwan:

4.New Zealand:

5.Norway :

6. USA:

And some other organizations links








I will update you further! Now Just Explore for your Future !



This is to be aware of all the Lisu students who want to go for their further studies abroad. I have learnt that it is very important to make sure that all your birth date, your original name , the name of your father and mother on your identity cards (Ma Pon Ti ) or passports should be appeared as the same as on your certicficates or transcripts such as Standard ten, college or university certificates). If you have some problems regarding those mentioned above should be fixed as soon as possible when you have chances. Otherwise, it might create a big problem when you try to obtain the Visas. 

You might have some questions regarding this. Well,  I can give you an example,  if your birth date is appeared on your passport or identy card 10.10.1984 whereas 1.4.1984 or 1985 on your certificates would be assumed that there were two people or you will be doubted in different way. This is no excuse for any reasons. Therefore, you must fix as soon as possible. Good Luck!!!!

Asian Scholarship Foundation: Scholarship for scholars
Asian Scholarship Foundation
Conference for the Asia Fellows Awards on July 2005 in Bangkok
This is a funding opens for citizens from a number of countries in Asia including Burma, according to its Executive Director Dr. Lourdes Salvador.

The fund, as she explains, is intended to increase the overall awareness of intellectual resources among the countries of South Asia, South East Asia and China.

Funded by the Ford Foundation, the grant -- usually in form of individual awards for a period of six to nine months -- is made available to carry out research in Asian Studies such as Art, Culture, Humanitarian and Social Science, she explains the mandate of the organisation.


How you can apply


 A Burmese has an equal chance as any other Asian, to be able to get scholarship grant. In fact, we would be very happy and we always welcome application from Myanmar.
Dr. Lourdes Salvador


Regarding the process to request the grant, Dr. Lourdes explains that applications are taken only once in a year and Burmese are welcome to apply.

Applicant has to submit a proposal of the project before the second Friday of January, a deadline typical for every year.

Information for next year will be available in August either in form of pamphlets or on the web site .

If a scholar is offered an award the grant will cover the actual cost of research in that particular area.

There also is a chance to get a follow up grant to conduct further research after the first project has been completed, Dr. Lourdes said.

Burmese student with ambition

Ko Min Tint Bo has graduated from the Dagon University majoring in International Relations and he also has had experience working overseas.

Answering his questions, Dr Lurdes said that Doctorate or Master's degree holders are normally eligible to apply.

However, a Bachelor degree holder with appropriate experience will also be considered, she said.

It is also important to know that this fund is available only for the purpose of research work and it can not be used to complete an academic degree.

English language proficiency and native language skill in research country are important criteria for selection of candidate, she said.




IJM Corporation Berhad Scholarship: The Company presented scholarship awards to 9 deserving young undergraduates to pursue tertiary education at our local universities.

GIC Global Scholarship
: If you are interested in a career in the fund management industry and are looking for a prestigious scholarship, the GIC Global Scholarship is for you!

International students who are seeking to undertake a higher degree by research at a Master's or PhD level can also apply for the La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (LTUPRS).

Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation (AISF) offers scholarship to Ph.D candidates enrolled in the graduate schools located in the Kanto area in Japan.

Economics, PhD, Full Scholarship, before you apply it program, you can take distance learning program via internet. Chez Republic, Europe.

Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Several scholarships, M.A, PhD, Messey University, New Zealand.

Agricultural and Fisheries Scholarships, Philippines.

M.A, M.Litt and PhD scholarship in all subjects.


 Development Scholarships in Thailand (Apply now)
Dear ..........,
We are pleased to inform you that the Royal Thai Government (RTG) is providing a few scholarships for Myanmar citizens to pursue graduate studies (master's level) as part of RTG-AIT collaboration for human resources capacity development for the sustainable reconstruction of Myanmar in the aftermath of tropical cyclone Nargis.
These scholarships will be offered to well-qualified and top graduates of Myanmar and there are few scholarships available at the Water Engineering and Management (WEM) Field of Study at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.
As AIT is an international institute with English as the sole language of instruction, you are required  to present proof of English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS - 4.5; TOEFL (paper-based ) - 500; TOEFL (computer-based) - 173). More details on admission requirements are available at <>.
In order to expedite the application procedure, interested candidates are advised to download and fill the complete set of application forms (consisting of nine application forms available for download at <>) and send a scanned copy, together with scanned copies of Transcript of Records (TOR) and proof of English language proficiency in a reply to this email, with cc to and .  At the same time, original hardcopies of the complete application forms and supporting documents should be sent by post to:
Asian Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 4, Klong Luang
Pathumthani 12120
Suggestion: You might not be ready to present the Toefl or IELTS though it might be  very less score you are required to prove your English proficiency. However, you should not give up if you are really interested to apply. You may have always a way to try for it. Why don't you present you English major from the university instead, only if you have. Otherwise, you may also submit the English certificates from the recognised schools.
Should you need  any further advices, you may feel free to contact .

1. Korea :

2. Sweden:



Lisu students wanting to study abroad should contact us in detail as soon as possible!!

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