Genesis 12:2 The Lord said "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you."

This is Quiz for general knowldge for all the Lisu young people should particiapate. Please check your answers to "Quiz Answers.'' Some of the questions would be very simple but others might be a bit time consuming. However, please try your best!!! Not only will this Quiz session help the Lisu young people understand more about the Lisu origins, background and culture but, it also will broaden the range of General knowledge in the world. By all means of this, the Lisu students may be more interested in studies and they may be eager to explore more.........If you want to be a smart and an intelligent person, please try them..... this is your chance!!!!

You may find some of the answers in the History Session on the website.
1. What is the population of Lisu in Burma and in the world ?

2. Where did the Lisu people originate from?

3.According to the research, where (what countries) do the Lisu people mainly live?

4. Who was the frist missionary to reach the Gospel to the Lisu people in Burma?

5.Who was the first Christian missionary to have Lisu converts in China?

6.Who was the person in the year between 1908 and 1914 to create the Old Lisu script?

7. Who wrote the world's first computer program?

8. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2007, what are the three top universities in the world?

9. Who was the first non-Westerner to be elected as the
Secretary-General of the United Nations?

10. Who was the 91st Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (Winner ) in the world?

Good Luck to you all!
I will send you the correct answers once I  have received your answers.)

To be Continued!!!!


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