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The Interview Tips for your scholarships

Congratulations! If you have made it to the interview stage, you are a finalist, entering the last phase of evaluation. The face-to-face interview is an excellent way for the judges to get to know you and, particularly, assess your maturity, composure, performance under pressure, etc.


It is impossible to predict what questions you may be asked in a personal interview but it is possible to prepare yourself by working out answers to some of the more common questions that get asked in interviews, whether for scholarships or employment. Write down the answers to these questions.


What are your greatest strengths?


What are your career goals?


Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?


Tell me about a personal achievement that makes you proud.


Tell me about a mistake that you made and what you learned from it.


Who has influenced your life and why?


Why would you be an excellent recipient of ___ scholarship?

These are the basics. Know these answers cold.

Next, think specifically about the scholarship award that you are seeking. Be sure you are very well informed about the organization.


What is the mission of the organization offering the award?


Who have they given the award to in the past and why?


Who are the judges?


What is it about your application that made you a finalist?

Use this information to develop responses that you may be able to introduce into the discussion to provide the content that you would like to be sure that the judges hear from you. For example, if you are a finalist in a scholarship competition from an environmental group and you believe that your volunteer work on the local Conservation Commission was key to your selection as a finalist, consider finding examples from that experience to highlight your strengths or describe lessons you have learned.

Finally, prepare yourself to make a good impression. If you need a haircut, get a haircut. If you are a nail biter, invest in a professional manicure or even a set of acrylic nails. Select your interview outfit with care. It may or may not be advisable to wear a suit or dress, depending upon the specific situation. However, it is always appropriate to make sure your clothes are clean, they fit correctly and there are no loose buttons or hanging threads.  Familiarize yourself with the working of a steam iron and press your clothes even if the tag says they don’t require ironing. 


Be sure you know where you are going and how long it will take to get there. Think about traffic flow at different times of the day. It is really hard to concentrate on the questions you are being asked when your heart is still racing from the parking lot dash, there are rivulets of perspiration running down your face and you have to go to the bathroom but didn’t have time.


You look great. You have arrived with enough time to visit the restroom, run a comb through your hair and pick the dog hair from the car seat off your clothes. You’re under control.

It’s probably impossible to relax under these circumstances but it may help to remember that you are here because these people think you are a competent, qualified candidate. You earned the right to have this interview. The judges will use this time to get to know you better and you are working from the advantage that they are already supporters.  Help them to help you have a great interview by being as genuinely pleased to be there as you can. Let your enthusiasm for your education show. The personal interview can be a wonderful experience if you can approach it as an opportunity rather than as a trial.

What If…?

What if, despite your logistical preparations, you are late or arrive with a big coffee stain on your shirt.  Well, you now have the opportunity to exhibit the grace under pressure and ability to adapt that has gotten you so far already.

Acknowledge the problem (“I had a flat tire on the expressway”), apologize if appropriate (“I’m so sorry to have delayed our scheduled meeting”) and then move on. Don’t continue to focus on the initial negative; try to get the process moving forward so you can shine. (“I realize that I’m late but I’m very interested in participating in the interview if you are ready to move forward.”)

What if you can’t think of a good answer to a question that’s been posed? Or, you can’t even think of a bad answer because your mind has gone blank? Again, grace under pressure is key. Explain that you’re having a mental block on that topic just now and ask if it’s possible to come back to the question a bit later. Or, suggest that it’s a really interesting question that has prompted a lot of different ideas for you and you’d like to take a moment to organize your thoughts. In situations such as this one, it may be best to take a little pressure off by giving yourself a moment to collect your thoughts.

There are a lot more possible what-ifs. The key is to remain confident and don’t let a problem shake your sense of yourself. The judges recognize the pressure you are under and, as in life, you are often judged not by the reality that problems occur, but by the style with which you manage those problems. Approach the interview with a sense of confidence, some humility and enough good humor to get you past any awkward moments.


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This is to be aware of all the Lisu students who want to go for their further studies abroad. I have learnt that it is very important to make sure that all your birth date, your original name , the name of your father and mother on your identity cards (Ma Pon Ti ) or passports should be appeared as the same as on your certicficates or transcripts such as Standard ten, college or university certificates). If you have some problems regarding those mentioned above should be fixed as soon as possible when you have chances. Otherwise, it might create a big problem when you try to obtain the Visas. 

You might have some questions regarding this. Well, I can give you an example, if your birth date is appeared on your passport or identity card 10.10.1984 whereas 1.4.1984 or 1985 on your certificates would be assumed that there were two people or you will be doubted in different way. This is no excuse for any reasons. Therefore, you must fix as soon as possible. Good Luck!!!

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Miriam College – Prospect Burma Scholarships for Myanmar Citizens


For Myanmar women to study bachelors’ degrees at Miriam College in Manila in the Philippines


 Applicants can choose to study on any one of the following subjects


BSc in Environmental Planning and Management or

BSc in Social Work

BA Communication Arts

BA International Studies (International Politics Stream)

BA International Studies (International Development Stream)

BA Psychology

BSc Psychology

BSc Child Development and Education


Miriam College, established in 1926, is a premier Filipino Catholic educational institution for students committed to the values of truth, justice, peace, environmental sustainability and gender equality. A holistic and technologically enhanced curriculum is offered at all levels. Miriam College accepts only female students at the undergraduate level. The academic programs develop both the learning and caring competencies of students as they are prepared to be leaders in whatever endeavor they want to pursue. Miriam College’s programs are enriched by a wide range of national, regional and international linkages developed through academic courses and special centers.



Eligibility Requirements


  1. Applicants must be female.


  1. Applicants must have passed one of the following:


At least two years of a university degree from Myanmar


An international high school certificate such as IGCSE or GED


      An international college admissions exam such as SAT


  1. Applicants must have strong oral and written English language skills If you have completed an English language test (such as TOEFL, IELTS), attach the certificate to your application. If you have not completed one of these exams your English will be tested as part of the selection process.


  1. Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience working for peace or human development. 


  1. Applicants must be committed to return to their place of origin upon completion of their studies at Miriam College to continue their work for peace and development.






Application Process


Applicants must complete the attached form and either post or email it with necessary documents to: or


PO Box 8, Mae Ping Post Office, Chiang Mai, 50301, Thailand


The application deadline is May 15th 2008. Late applications will not be considered.


Applicants must submit the following documents with their application form


  1. All previous academic transcripts. If these are not available, a letter should be attached explaining why not.
  2. A copy of your passport if available.
  3. Two reference letters which explain in detail why you are a suitable applicant for this program.
  4. Other relevant documentation related to your work experience.


Important Information for applicants


  1. No support is available under this program for dependants.
  2. The scholarship will cover only one round trip ticket from Myanmar to Manila. No support will be available for students to return to Myanmar in the middle of their degree programs.
  3. The scholarship will also include a basic monthly allowance for food and accommodation.
  4. Students supported by this program will be expected to meet Miriam College requirements, which include studying on a full time basis, doing regular volunteer work and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.
  5. Successful applicants will be required to sign a grant letter and to observe the conditions of the award.  If a student fails to observe the conditions, they will be liable to repay the money.


Time Frame


All eligible applications received by the deadline of May 15th will be considered by two committees of academics and development workers. All information in the application will be kept confidential. Short-listed applicants will be contacted by phone or email by the 1st of June for language testing. The results will be announced by the 30th of June. Visa processing will take place in Myanmar and Manila throughout July, August and September. Successful applicants will be expected to travel to the Philippines at the end of September to start the academic program at the beginning of October.


More information about Miriam College is available at

For more information about the scholarship program contact



Information Center for Every Youth (ICE Youth)


Lisu students wanting to study abroad should contact us in detail as soon as possible!!

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