Genesis 12:2 The Lord said "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you."

Quiz Answers...

1.  350,000 in Burma and approximately 11,350,00 in the world (may be more than that)

2.Eastern Tibet

3.China, Burma, Thailand and India (
Arunachal Pradesh)

George J. Geis, an American Baptist Missionary to Kachins in Myitkyina

5.The Scottish missionary James O. Fraser 

6.  A Karen preacher from Myanmar by the name of Sara Ba Thaw

7.Ada Lovelace

8. Top 1= Harvard University (USA)
     Top 2= Standford University (USA)
     Top 3= University of Califonia - Berkeley (USA)

9. U Thant (Burma)

10. Mrs. Aung San Su Kyi


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