Genesis 12:2 The Lord said "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you."

Lisu Hope is a non -profit and an independent Lisu student organisation founded by James Ahkhi Gwa on  many experiences in the Lisu community in terms of the education. Lisu Hope, in fact, was founded  with  the vision of  James Gwa sharing the importance of education to the young Lisu people in Burma.

Lisu Hope was formed in the witness of a huge disparity of education in Burma as well as in the Lisu society. The motivation of forming this Lisu Hope was first, the quality education system in Burma is inferior, second , the ability to access  basic education is very limited among  the Lisus  as  all the  corruption involved in the educational distributions  in the sense of bribing even to have access the basic education in the schools or all the educational institutions in Burma and finally, when it comes to the opportunity, there is no any priority given to the Lisu students when all the Burmese ethnic groups are treated as  a second citizen in Burma.  Lisu hope also found that there are still no potential leaders in the field of education in the Lisu community.  With all the disadvantageous situations facing the Lisu youth in Burma, there is  no guarantee that  the Lisu young generation who are regarded as a second citizen  in Burma will have a better  Future without a better education.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela.

  Lisu Hope had started again informally in 2008. Lisu Hope started giving educational counselling, consultation and studies information to the young Lisu people. In 2009, Lisu Hope had been established as a team based Lisu student organisation .  Lisu Hope was temporarily formed with more than ten Lisu students across the globe. Students involved naming a few, in the fields of accounting, financial, management, IT professionals and more.  Lisu Hope currently plans working more on educational activities and research.  Having a broad vision, Lisu Hope will expand more activities and projects in near future. Finally, we also strongly believe that Lisu Hope will be a hope and the salt of light for Lisu young people in the future.


The organisational structure of Lisu Hope (Team- based)



FM (1) = Field Manager (1)


FM (2) = Field Manager (2)


      R = Representatives


Financial = Financial Manager


Trea: = Treasurer


Fund/R (Fund Raisers)


Account:M = Accounting Manager


IT = Information Technology Manager


Health/Relief = Health and Relief Manager


Health/Relief (Assist) = Health and Relief Assistant Manager


Edu: = Educational Activities Manager


Media & PR= Media and Public Relations officer 


R & D = Research and Development Manager


Adv= External Advisors







Lisu students wanting to study abroad should contact us in detail as soon as possible!!

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