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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” 



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Lisu Hope, a team-based student  organisation  that is  dedicated to working for the education of Lisu young  people who are less fortunate to have access to the basic education and who are eager to pursue for their further studies abroad. Currently, Lisu Hope enables to assist broadly for giving only educational information or counselling and consultations to any Lisu student studying abroad due to lack of funds, despite the fact that we are primarily looking forward to working broader in every educational concern about Lisu young people, especially in Burma. The main purpose of Lisu Hope working for only educational activities of Lisu young people is that as today, education is indispensable to the development of a family or a group or a community and or even a nation. We have also found that today, the majority of Lisu people still do not have access to the basic education.

We feel that we are totally responsible for bringing up the  Lisu young people in order to produce an educated Lisu citizenry. Lisu Hope believes that producing the Lisu young educated will enlarge to the Kachin educated citizenry that will also finally lead to the development of Burma itself. Finally, we raise our voice that Lisu Hope is a compassionate, broad –minded and an enthusiastic team based student organisation which welcomes to everyone to share us anything beneficial for the sake of future development of Lisu, Kachin and Burma. Please help us!!!





Lisu students wanting to study abroad should contact us in detail as soon as possible!!

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